Kathy Magruder, Proprietor

Kathy Magruder started reading (uncontrollably) in first grade and hasn't slowed down since. She started working in bookstores in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1995 and soon became manager of one location of a locally owned chain, Lee Booksellers. In 2009 she really started to miss her hometown of Indianola, Iowa. As fate would have it, Simpson College was looking for a bookstore manager so Kathy moved back to Iowa and built a house and spent four years managing the Simpson College Bookstore. However, selling textbooks to college students was nowhere near as much fun as selling books to people who actually wanted to read them. A friend mentioned that Kathy should start her own bookstore and Kathy decided that Indianola really did need a bookstore. So Pageturners Bookstore was born. Kathy likes to read. Kathy likes to read anything printed on paper (she finds herself reading cereal cartons at breakfast) which is a useful trait in a bookstore owner. 

Pageturners Bookstore was created to be part of a community of readers. We sell used books and we buy used books, including vintage. We may not pay much for used books, but we don't charge much for them either. You probably won't find a collectible first edition of anything here, but you will find something good to read. Our new books are some of the best out there, chosen by someone who really loves to read. If we don't have what you're looking for, we'll order it for you. We created two bookclubs, one which meets during the day, and another which meets in the evening (contact the store for details).
Kathy shows one of the note cards she designed for sale at Pageturners Book Store.

We are staffed by people who read and we love to talk to you about books.  We love to suggest a great book and we love to get suggestions.  Yes, we are book addicts.
 If we don't have a copy of a book, we can almost always order a new copy for you.  It is really not an imposition, we order books at least twice a week and would be happy to order for you.  Special book orders are shipped to the store usually within a week or less, not much waiting time. You can order online at your convenience, even if it is 3:00 am or you are lounging in your pj's, we are always open online!